Matthew 6

This is a powerful command, it falls from the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. This command comes not from an apostle, or from a prophet, it is not even delivered by an angel or some other emissary, but from the very lips of the law giver Himself. This is an order from none other than the commander in chief. And when He speaks, His people must listen and obey.

Private prayer is your spiritual pulse that reveals the consistency and the depth of your intimacy with God. You can attend church each Sunday, you can go to community group, you can faithfully serve in ministry, but how do you pray?  You may podcast countless sermons, build an impressive library of Christian books, and even put a NOTW sticker on your car, but do you labor in prayer? You may be part of the training center, you may be a student of theology, you may even lead a ministry, but are you fervent in prayer?

What do you treasure most in life? Is it earthly possession or heavenly ones? In tonights passage Matthew 6:19-24 we see why Christ should be our ultimate treasure in life. 

In Matthew 6:25-34 we will see why the children of God need not worry