Matthew 5

This week we introduce Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, the greatest sermon ever preached. In this sermon Shawn gives the context for the sermon and takes a look at what it means to be blessed and how each of the attributes given by Christ are evident in the life of a believer.

We continue our look at Jesus' introduction to the sermon on the mount. This week we cover why the  be poor in spirit, mourning and the meek are those whom God blesses.

This week we look at what it means to hunger and thirst for righteousness and what it means to be merciful.

This week we consider what it means to be peacemakers and called sons of God.

This week we take a solemn look at persecution and how God both blesses and preserves his people in it.

This week we look at the unique role Christians have of displaying God to the lost world from Matthew 5:13-16

Matthew 5:17-20 This week we fail to look at how meat is murder. Instead, we consider Christ's revelation that the Law's prohibition against murder also addresses the heart that is full of anger and hatred toward others.

Jesus' strong words about the destructiveness of lust and the need for radical repentance in the Sermon on the Mount.

This week we took a look at what Jesus has to say about divorce.

What does Jesus have to say about making oath's? In Matthew 5:33-37Jesus shows us how simply telling the truth and being honest with our words should keep us from having to make oaths. 

The desire for revenge is a byproduct of the fall. You see, before the fall, man was perfect, made in God’s image, and therefore sharing in many of the divine characteristics...

There is something different about you. You are a Christian, and you are different from others. Anyone can go the first mile, it is the Christian who goes the second. You are not the natural man, but because of the Spirit’s work in you, you are a new creation with new desires, and your love is the love of Christ in you.