Summer 2019


Practical Life Hacks

Save these dates into your calendar!

The topic dates and teachers are not yet set but we will be sure to keep everyone updated as information is nailed down.

5/31 - Summer kickoff at the Avila’s

6/7 Cars, Behnan

6/21 Leaving the Nest, John Pleasnick

7/5 Outdoor Movie Night at the Avila’s

7/19 Money with John Pleasnick

7/26 Pool Party at the Behnan’s

8/2 Manners night at Farrell’s


Summer Reading Challenge

College is jumping on board with the S.A.L.T.I.E challenge this summer.


SATURATOR – reading God’s Word each day

ADVENTURER – making new memories

LEARNER – reading a biography

TREATER – loving the saints, even those new to you

INVITER – inviting those new to you out to lunch or to your home

ENGAGER – meeting intentionally to grow

The S.A.L.T.I.E Challenge cards are available at the book table. Keep track of your goals, and bring your card with you to our Fall Launch on the evening of August 11.