Book Review - Adopted for Life

Russell D. Moore has written a book, Adopted for Life, on adoption through experience.  Russell was an orphan himself, though not the way most of us think of an orphan; he explains that his condition was far worse. He’s been adopted by God the Father through the person and work of Jesus Christ. The other way Russell has experienced adoption is by having the privilege of adopting two sons from Russia. Russell uses his experience to remind Christians of our adoption. We were without a father, helpless, wandering on our own. But God, being rich in mercy, saved us by grace, making us His sons and daughters (Ephesians 1–2).

David (my husband) and I read this when God put it on our hearts to adopt—or mine, I should say (God was working on David's heart).

It’s a great read for anyone even thinking about adoption or anyone who knows someone who is adopting or has already adopted. The main theme is how ALL Christians are called to support adoption in one way or another. Adoption as the gospel and adoption as a mission are entwined and can't be separated, since all Christians have been adopted by God. This is important for all Christians to understand, and the author gives some great creative ways for you to support adoption that do not necessarily involve you actually adopting a child yourself. Not all Christians are called to bring a child into their home, but everyone is called to support adoption in some way.

Additionally, this author did an amazing job at explaining my personal passion for adoption. If you share that passion for adoption, you will greatly enjoy reading this book because the author also feels this passion but didn’t always necessarily feel that way. It's also a little bit of education on what NOT to say to someone adopting, especially in front of the kids, and it includes some sensitivity training too. It is amazing the comments people will make when you begin to talk about adoption, so if you would like to learn how to best support someone who is adopting and know what to say, this book can be very helpful.

It’s a great read—the author is passionate and has lots of humor, but you definitely need a box of tissue by your side. Read and be encouraged!


Rosy A.