The Benefits of Radix

Every week you are reminded of the two mid-week studies called Radix. These friendly reminders come at you every Friday night and through the weekly Grafted email. You may be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal? I attend Friday nights. Isn’t that enough?” While Friday nights are important and God's Word is preached there, Radix is an opportunity to dive deeper in a small group setting. The small group setting allows us the opportunity to pray together, unpack Scripture as we walk through a particular topic, and work through practical scenarios through the lens of Scripture.

I’ve asked a few of your peers how they have benefitted from Radix. Allow me to share and perhaps encourage you to consider attending.

  •  Radix has provided an opportunity to build relationships, both in friendship and discipleship.

  • Radix includes the ministry of weekly prayer for our unsaved family and friends.

  • Radix provides an opportunity to learn how to apply Scripture to real life situations.

  •  Radix is a safe place to participate in discussions.

  • From a staff perspective, I admit that getting to Tuesday nights can be a challenge. It's the end of a long work day, and I often would much rather relax than head out to Radix. Though it would be easier and more comfortable to skip, I can tell you that I leave every Radix thankful that I was there! I love getting to minister alongside the amazing staff members. I love that I get to interact with college age people. This semester's topic of practical theology has been one of my favorites, I think mostly because of the discussions resulting from the practical questions. Oftentimes, the questions touch on current hot topics in the culture. I think it is so important for young adults to know how to respond biblically to the controversial issues of our day. Undoubtedly, you will face these questions on your college campus, at your job or within your family. What a great resource you have in Radix!

  • If you are someone who wants to grow in your understanding of Scripture and be able to defend your faith, come to Radix. If you want to pursue a discipleship relationship with a staff member, come to Radix and get to know the staff. If you want to get more connected with others, come to Radix. If you want to grow in small group prayer and discussions, come to Radix.

Come to Radix!


Brandi V.