Scripture Intake

Scripture intake is critical in the life of a believer. It is daily food for the soul of those who belong to Jesus (Matthew 4:4), yet every believer struggles to be disciplined in their daily Scripture intake. In an effort to help and encourage us all to dig into our bibles daily and discipline ourselves to intake Scripture our very own Shawn Farrell laid out some very helpful ideas to get us going in the right direction of daily bible reading. 

1. Bible Reading Plan: Read the bible in a year. While most who do reading plans start one at the beginning of the year, July is actually also a great time to start a bible reading plan. Some of us are starting a bible reading plan on the 1st of July. If you struggle with not knowing what to read, join us in this bible reading plan and watch the Lord reveal to you wonderful things from His law. If you are interested in doing this plan with us reach out to David Avila (951) 473-3163 and he will get you the plan. 

2. 30 Day Blitz: Read an epistle like 1 John everyday for a month. Underline, write in the margins, and watch how new truths come off the page each day. 

3. Weekly Gospel: Read all the way through one of the gospels each week.

4. Simple Study: Print out a short passage on a sheet of paper and write on that paper, draw arrows, circle things, and do a deeper study.

5. Deeper Study: Go deep. Get out the commentaries and cross references and tear a passage apart. Make observations, ask questions, and seek to interpret what is there.