By Francisco Martinez

The last nuclear holocaust killed millions in an instant. Lust, Piper says, is more dangerous and more damning. It is more dangerous, since it threatens every person on the planet and more damning, since it will lead to eternal torment in hell, not simply ending our physical lives.

Lust robs many Christians of great joy and intimacy in Christ. While, both men and women struggle with it, we need more resolved young men leading the fight against lust. The enemy won’t stop luring this world into a greater mind, so we must never stop fighting - killing - lust. Otherwise, it will kill us. 


Lust: a strong and passionate desire for something.

Scripture has many clear commands to how to defeat lust. In this post I want to give you one strategy to fight lust. I want to help you fight lust with lust. When we think of lust, we think of the negative sense of the word - regarding sexual sin. There are, however, positive senses of the word used in Scripture. Therefore, we should be able to fight the negative sense of lust with the positive sense of lust. 


Here are four ways to fight lust with lust:

1. Lust for the word of God. 1 Peter 2:2 says, “like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word”. We are all familiar with - and if you have had two babies born within the last two years like me you know this a little too well - the battle sound (screaming) of a newborn fighting for food. In the same way, our soul should feel a sense of starvation, newborn mode, when we go without the word; we should hunger after the pure and rich milk of the word. To defeat lust, you must lust for the word. Lusting for the word will get you into the word, which will grow you and numb you to the limited power of lust. 

How do we cultivate lust for the word? 1. Remember that the word is your life source (1 Peter 1:25), 2. Kill lust by putting it away (v. 1), 3. Admit your need for the word (v. 2), 4. Pursue your purpose to grow (v. 2), 5. Know that the Lord is good (v.3). 

2. Lust for death. Sadistic much? In Philippians 1:23 Paul shows us a positive passionate desire to die, “having the desire to depart and be with Christ”. Paul knew that only through death would he enter into perfect intimacy with Christ; only through death would he find pleasures forevermore. 

How did Paul learn to lust for death, for heaven? He lived for Christ now and sought to glorify God in his body whether by life or by death (1:21). When we live for Christ now we experience a glimpse of what life in heaven will be like. It is then that death becomes our only means to everlasting joy and communion with Christ. 

3. Lust for the church. 1 Thessalonians 2:17 says, “[we] were all the more eager with great desire to see your face”. Paul lusted after seeing the body at Thessalonica. He craved for their fellowship. A lust for the church holds us accountable to the church. It seeks the best interest of the church rather than our own. The church is one of God’s means of grace in our life. If we lust for the church we will be committed to the proclamation of God’s word, corporate worship, and fellowship - all which sanctify us. Do you not long for the church like Paul? 

 Paul longed for them because he became like a spiritual father and mother (1 Thessalonians 2:13). To grow in your desire for fellowship and the church, you must commit yourself to a group of people that will disciple you and that you can disciple. Otherwise, you will remain apathetic towards the church and fellowship because there is no intimacy established. 

4. Lust for the return of Christ (Luke 17:22). We see new testament saints “eagerly” awaiting the return of Christ. We must passionately desire His return, which will signify the completion of His will and work on earth. The kingdom will finally be ushered in and we will receive our new bodies.