Relationships - Men

Humility is a foreign concept to men and especially to young men. Most young men are proud, brash, arrogant, self centered, and self serving. Pride is in the heart of every young man and it is his greatest sin and shortcoming. Young man, it is not a question of whether you struggle with pride, but rather where it exists in your heart and how it is expressed in your life. Humility is viewing yourself rightly in light of who God is. 

“God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Jas 4:6

He actively opposes it, wars against it, He hates it. CJ Mahaney says that in every area and in every stage of our christian life, pride is our greatest enemy and humility our greatest friend. God gives grace to the humble, He supports the humble, He undergirds them, and brings help to them in time of need.