Faith Pt.3 - Hebrews 11:4

For Cain and for his offering He had no regard. God did not accept the sacrifice of Cain. Was it the fact that he brought fruit and not an animal? I don't think so, it was that he came to God with a wrong heart. Sure he acknowledged God as supreme, sure he came with a sacrifice to worship. He came with outward actions that matched his younger brother’s, but his heart was in a different place. How many people, like Cain, come to God their own way? They know they need to come to God, and so they go to church. They recognize that there is a Creator and that they have sinned against Him. They go to mass or to the temple or to some other sacred place and they seek to offer something to God. This is why church is filled on Easter and Christmas. It is a person’s way of saying I know I owe something to God, let me drop some money in the basket when it comes by. Let me sign myself with the cross. Let me do some outward deed to try to appease God. This was Cain and this is most of the world today. They will give some external form of worship, but it is not reflective of their heart.