Faith Pt.5 - Hebrews 11:7

These verses tell us what life was like in the time of Noah.  It was full of sin. Here we are, just 6 chapters after creation, and already life is very different from what it was in the garden.  Adam and Eve sinned, disobeying the command of God, and every form of sin entered the stream of humanity. It takes only 1 set of brothers in Gen 4 for there to be jealousy, anger, and eventually murder. By the time you get to Gen 6, you have God looking down upon the earth and seeing a world full of wickedness and evil. The situation is not getting better it is getting worse. And as God looks down upon His creation, He no longer smiles saying “it is very good” like He said in Gen 1:31, He is now grieved in His heart at how quickly people have chosen to reject Him. His heart has been broken by man.