The Women at the Well Pt.1 - John 4:1-10

Every person matters to God, you have never locked eyes with someone who doesn’t matter to God. We need to see every person we come in contact with as glorious eternal being or a dreadfully lost soul. Jesus put aside the stereotypical racist attitudes of His day and reached out to those who needed Him. We too must put aside our stereotypical attitudes and reach out to those who need Christ. Friends, you are not better than those around you. Jesus went to great extremes to show that His love supersedes these boundaries. What will you do? Love the unlovely, the difficult, that annoying, those unlike you. The ministering heart sees eternal souls and cares not for the externals, but looks past that and looks at the heart.


We have seen a brief snapshot into the heart of Christ and how He did ministry 

1. Ministry is a series of divine appointments 

2. Ministry is costly 

3. Ministry is about people