Don't Mess Around With Your Soul - John 5

There is way too much at stake. Eternity is too long and your soul is way too valuable to ignore it or put off dealing with it, but this is what most people do. Content to enjoy the here and now, convinced that they will have time later, consumed with too many other priorities, they kick the can down the road. Someday but not today. Better later than now. When I feel like it. When I am settled. But not now. I'm too busy. Having too much fun. Too many other things in my life. but friend be careful. Over and over again, the Scripture reminds you to deal with your mortality, to remember that your soul is of an infinite value and to lose your soul is a devastating and unrecoverable loss. This is the message of John 5. In a nutshell, there is a God, one day you will stand before Him face to face and you will give an account for your life, and that will determine your eternal destiny. So, don't mess around with your soul.