Closing Remarks Titus 3:12-15

Here in this last section, Paul is taking care of some house keeping and tying up some loose ends but he leaves us with the concept of team, and of relational strength. The fact is that every Christian is important in the quest to build the kingdom of God. You are not a spectator, you are not a useless member of the body of Christ, you are crucial to the success of the mission. Have you ever thought about that? What is your role in the church? what is your ministry? What did God leave you here to do? What spiritual gift has the Spirit bestowed on you that you must exercise in order to advance the cause?  Are you a part of the mission? Are you part of the team? Do you understand your role and what you are supposed to be doing in serving the Lord in His church? Many of you are only involved in a minimal way and some of you are not involved at all. But this is not healthy and it is not right. Each of us is part of a greater team and need to be engaged.  Paul will help each of us tonight to get a right perspective of our involvement in the service of the King. Our thesis tonight is simple: Understanding your role in ministry.