Elders Pt.4 Titus 1:10

Anywhere you find God’s truth, Satan will be there to oppose it. From the very beginning this is true. In the garden Satan denied the truth of God by saying you wont die, you will be like God. The OT is full of false teachers. Think of the prophets of Baal, or all of the other false religions of the day that encroached on the people of God, think of the false prophets and those who set up idols to worship. In the NT, you had this develop mostly into the Jewish tradition of ritual and tradition. In the early church and beyond you constantly have those inside and outside the church purveying something other than what the Scripture teaches. Even today, the universal church is weak because false teachers have crept in unawares as Peter says and have infiltrated the church. Here is the simple reality—anywhere you have the truth of God, Satan will protest. So let me say it a different way, false teachers are everywhere.