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Should I Be Content with My Singleness?

For the single person there is a tension in learning to embrace singleness while still holding to a biblical view of marriage and even desiring it. Is it discontentment to want to be married? This article by Betsy Childs Howard is very helpful and encouraging to the person who desires to honor God in their singleness while simultaneously still hoping for marriage.

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Is Venom in Our Veins?

It’s always fun watching a movie and seeing some kind of spiritual aspect to it, whether intentional or not. This article does a great job of showing us the dark Venom like battle that believers have with the flesh but points us to the truth of who we really are in Christ. 

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How to Shut Down Gossip

Gossip is nasty. It is never good and should be despised by all who love Christ and his church. Instead of being passive and tolerating something that is widespread we should be vigilant to remove something that is destructive and vile. Let’s step our game up and, starting with ourselves, work to shut down gossip.

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